School Staff

The Principal is an active service officer of the rank of colonel (or its equivalent rank of Indian Air Force or Indian Navy) He is assisted by a Headmaster and a Registrar who are of the rank of Lt. Col. / Major (or its equivalent rank of Air Force or Navy). The teaching staff consists of highly qualified persons who have the aptitude for Public School Education. Besides teachers, there are Hostel Supdts/Matrons who look after the boys in the dormitories. The school has a part-time Medical Officer and twoo full time Medical Staff. The school has trained NCC & APTC instructors who are drawn from active service of Army. The school has an Art Master, Craft Instructor and a well trained Librarian.

The School has fully qualified Office Superintendent, Accountant, Quartermaster and Mess Manager who provide Administrative, Logistics and Catering support to the school.