School Routine

Summer   Winter
(1 Apr to 31 Oct) (01 Nov. to 31 Mar)
From (h) to (h) From (h) to (h)
500h Reveille 0530h
0550-0630h Roll Call & PT 0620-0700h
0630-0730h Zero period 0650-0750h
0740-0800h Breakfast 0800-0820h
0805-0825h Assembly 0825-0845h
0835-0915h I 0855-0935h
0915-0955h II 0935-1015h
0955-1035h III 1015-1055h
1035-1115h IV 1055-1135h
1115-1155h V 1135-1215h
1155-1215h Break 1215-1235h
1215-1255h VI 1235-1315h
1255-1335h VII 1315-1355h
1335-1415h VIII 1355-1435h
1425-1445h Lunch 1445-1505h
1630-1730h Roll Call & Games 1615-1715h
1730-1830h Wash & Change 1715-1815h
1830-2030h Evening Prep 1815-2015h
2040-2100h Dinner 2025-2045
2100-2140h TV Viewing 2045-2115h
2140-2255h Self Studies in down 2120-2225h
2300h Light Off 2230h
Summer Event Winter Event
1425-1540Rest 1440-1530 Rest & Self Study in Dorms
1540-1630h Self Study 1530-1630h Games in Dorms
1635-1745h Roll Call & Games/Riding/Swimming 1630-1655h Wash & Change
1745-1820h Wash & Change 1700-1720h Roll Call
1830-2030h Prep. in Classes 1730-1930h Prep in Classes
2040-2100h Dinner 1940-2000h Dinner
2100-2130h News 2000-2030h News
2140-2255h Own Time in dorms 2030-2255h Own Time in Dorms
2300h Lights off 2300h Lights off
Entertainment - Saturday
1930h Dinner on the days of Movie 1900h
2000h Movie in Manekshaw Auditorium 1930h
2000h Non-Movie days dinner 1930h
Club Activities - Wednesday
Principal's Assembly Monday
Headmaster's Assembly Friday
Registrar's Inspection Thursday
House Assembly Wednesday & Saturday
Personality Development Period Tuesday