Medical Standard for admission to Sainik School.

1. All candidates before admission to the Sainik School will be subjected to a medical examination by a Board consisting of military / civil doctors. The standard of health and medical fitness would be the same as laid down for the NDA Examination. In view of the tender age of the boys, however, no standards of height, weight and chest measurement will be applicable at the time of admission.

2. The decision of the Medical  Board will be final, except where a representation has been made to the Principal. The Principal will examine the appeal himself and decide with reference to the evidence produced before him if the case calls for a review. Medical opinion contrary to the findings of the previous medical boards(s) will normally merit a review. The Principal may arrange a review medical board for re-examination of the candidate. If the review medical board finds him medically fit for admission, the Principal will consider him for admission to the school. The School will charge a fee of 100/- (50/- from SC/ST) for holding a review medical board. Additional expenditure, if any will be borne by the school. However, the candidate will be required to appear before the Review Medical Board at the designated place at his own expense. In case the Review Medical Board finds him fit for admission the fee charged from the parent will be refunded.

3. The minimum acceptable visual standards will be as under :-Visual Standards
Standard I : Distant Vision (uncorrected) 6/6 (Both eyes)
Standard II : Distant Vision- Better eye 6/18 Worse eye 5/18 Correctable to 6/166/19 The minimum acceptable visual standard for admission to Sainik School will be standard II. Candidates with visual standard II admitted to NDA after successful completion of their training in Sainik School may be found fit for army only.


Ensure that :-

Myopia not to exceed minus 1.5 including astigmatism.
Manifest Hypermyopio not to exceed plus 2.5 including astigmatism.
Fundus @ Media to be Healthy with no changes in myopia.
Visual Fields to be full in each eye.
Binocular vision and steropsis must be good.
The colour blindness should not exceed CP-III
Mild Trachoma State III or IV with a regressive ceneal pannus of not more than 1 to 2 mm may be accepted in the opinion of the specialist, exacerbation of deterioration are not likely.

(b) It will also be ensured that :-

(i) There is no evidence of weak constitution, imperfect development serious malformation or obesity weight should not exceed the upper limit laid down in standard scale for 11 years/14 years.
(ii) The age restriction is between 10-11 yeards/13-14 years
(iii) There is normal development or impairment of function of the bones of joints.
(iv) There is no impediment of speech like stammering etc.
(v) There is no malformation of the head, deformity from fracture or depression of the bones of the skull.
(vi) There is no impaired hearing, discharge from or disease of either ear unhealed or perforation of the tympanic membrane or signs of acute or chronic suppurative otitis Media of evidence of redical or modified redical mastoid operation. A soundly healed perforation without any impairment of the mobility of the drum and without any impairment of hearing should not be cause of rejection.
(vii) There is no disease of the bones of cartilages of the nose or nosal polypus disease or of the nasodharynx and accessory sinuses.
(viii) There are no enlarged glands in the neck and other parts of the body and that thyroid gland is normal. Scars on person for the removal of tuberculous glands are not a cause for rejection provided that there has been no active disease with in the preceeding 5 years and the chest is clinically and radiologically clear.
(ix) There is no disease of throat palates, tonsil or of gums disease or injury affecting the normal function of either mandibular joints. Simple hypertrophy of the tonsils, if there is no history of attacks of tonsilitis, is not a cause of rejection.
(x) There is no sign of functional or organic disease of the heart and blood vessels.
(xi) There is no evidence of pulmonary tuberculosis or previous history of this disease or any other chronic disease of the lungs like Asthma etc.
(xii) There is no evidence of any disease of digestive system including any abnormality of the liver and spleen.
(xiii) There is no hernia or tendency there to.
(xiv) There is no hydrocele or definite veriocele or other disease of defect of the genital organs. A candidate who has been operated upon for hydrocele will be accepted if there are no abnormalities of the cord and testicle and a candidate who has been operated upon for hydrocele will be accepted if there are no abnormalities of the cord and testicle and there is no evidence of filariasis.
(xv) There is no fistula and/or fissure of the anus or evidence of heamrrhoida.
(xvi) There is no disease of the kidney; All cases of Albuminiuria and Glycosure will be rejected.
(xvii) There are no diseases of the skin of allergic nature like aczema, chronic ulticurea etc. are likely to cause disability or marked disfigurement are a cause for rejection.
(xviii)There is no active, latent congenital veneral disease.
(xix) There is no history of evidence of mental disease. Candidate suffering from epilepsy incontinence of urine or ensuresis will not be accepted.
(xx) There is no squint of morped condition of the eye or of the lids which is liable to a risk are aggravation or recurrence.
(xxi) There is no active trachoma or its complications.