School Song

The School Song in Hindi:

School Song in Hindi

The School Song in English:

Our School is a quiet and far away place,
Where we’re taught one and all to run life’s race.
We laugh and we sing, we weep a little too.
But never never give in or rue.
There’s a grand grand school at Kunjpura,
Where our hearts beat brave and true;
Be the Thaneshwar or Kurukshetra,
Chillianwala and Panipat too.
In class or on the field we play the game.
We seek not glamour nor hanker for fame;
It’s the fond desire and every boy’s wish,
To be always ready to accomplish
There’s grand, grand school at Kunjpura
Where our hearts heat brave and true;
Be the Thaneshwar or Kurukshetra
Chillianwala and Panipat too.