Photography Club:

Photography Club is the oldest club in SSK which has not lost its charm and craze among young cadets for past fifty years. The glory and golden history of Grand Grand School can be relived in this club only. Photography Club was founded in 1961 under the guidance of Col EJ Simeon. The photographs clicked during foundation years are proud possessions of this club. It is a matter of interest that readers of The Kunjean Times and in The Grey Kunj are seeing old photographs for past few years.

Our Club started with box cameras, which still are part of our golden heritage. The members of the club remained very active during field and educational trips to various places. During the late seventies Club also possessed a 8 MM movie camera with a projector. Our Old Kunjeeans might have seen many short documentary movies and video clips in those days.

During early nineties we turned towards modern cameras and purchased Kodak Kroma camera and famous 110 cameras. Club also got enriched by a well-equipped black and white photo developing lab in the campus! Lot of black and white photographs were developed in house and were also shown to the visiting dignitaries. By the turn of the millennium Photography club also decided to go for digital technology. We have very sophisticated and professionally admired Nikon FM 10 camera with an additional zoom lens. At present we have a Sony Digital Camera and Nokon Digital Cameras along with a D 2000 Digital Canon Camera. The digital cameras give the freedom to cadets to click as many photographs as they can. That is why we click around forty five thousand photographs a year! Interesting is’nt it? The newly purchased HP Photography printer also helps a cadet to get instant applause from the VIPs during their visits. Our Club has rich collection of autographed photographs of VIPs.

Music and Dance Club:

Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence. Its common elements are pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter, and articulation), dynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture. The word derives from Greek word meaning (mousike; "art of the Muses")

Dance is a type of art that generally involves movement of the body, often rhythmic and to music. It is performed in many cultures as a form of emotional expression, social interaction, or exercise, in a spiritual or performance setting, and is sometimes used to express ideas or tell a story. Dance may also be regarded as a form of nonverbal communication between humans or other animals, as in bee dances and behavior patterns such as mating dances.
Music enhances the working ability of an individual and that is probably one of the reasons that music forms an integral part of the school curriculum. At sainik School Kunjpura, music club is one of the most popular clubs which hires teacher from the town to help children learn to sing and perform on the instruments of their interest. No cultural programme in the school is complete without the student singing the melodies to the audience. We have got a lot of talent lying unexploited yet because of the shy nature of our budding singers. The music club has produced three excellent singers viz-Gulab Singh, Anil Kumar and Amit who happen to be brothers.

IT Club:

Information technology has practically influenced every field of life. Earlier computers were used by scientists and engineers for complex calculations and were very costly. Now-a-days computers are within the reach of every working individual. Computer has virtually become a need, since its vast uses in banks, hospitals, railways, school and colleges etc. The list is endless; rather it is more appropriate to say that we are computer dependent now.
Computer education is an essential part of educational curriculum today. Computers have become an important source of information and being used for studying other subjects as well.

IT club is the most popular club in the school. It introduces computers to the children in a simple and unassuming way with due stress on imparting accurate information. Each concept is explained in easy-to-understand manner. In this club each concept is followed by an activity that gives hands on experience. Each member of club has to complete a project on various applications. More stress is being given on concept of MS-Office, Internet and email. This club has all the latest facilities like internet, educational CD’s, LAN, Electronic board, visualizers, meeting pads and LCD etc. Each member of the club is assigned a project which they have to complete during club activities.

This club is hub of information and each member is making full use of it. We are highly optimistic that in the coming years this club will provide more information and opportunities and will play vital role in developing the interest in the field of computers.

Science Club:

A science club is an out-of-school-hours club that offers children the chance to do science-related activities that extend and enhance the science they experience in the classroom.

Each science club is different, as the club programme reflects the interests of the children, the club organiser and the facilities available. Most clubs use the opportunity to explore areas of science not covered by the curriculum and to give the club members plenty of opportunities to do practical science.
A science club session typically lasts for about 45 minutes. In this time, the members might complete a challenge, plan a science project or have a special scientific visitor.

English Club:

There are various clubs functioning in the school to hone up the creativity of the young budding students. English Club has been introduced in this academic session. The Language Lab is going to come up in the next session and will help the students improve their language skills. It will facilitate the basic requirements such as ‘LSRW’ which is Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing which in contemporary times is burning need. The members of English Club are very enthusiastic that they would prepare skits and plays as a part of the important days celebrated in the school.

Electronics Club:

The Electronics Club provides an opportunity to the boys to understand and learn basic concepts of electronics. The purpose of the club is to help and motivate the cadets for making different electronics projects and to make them aware about the functioning of different electronics gadgets we use in modern world. It also helps them satisfy their creative instinct and curiously.
The Electronics Club is a workshop where students learn the basic concepts of different electronic circuits and ideas of assembling project kits. During the present session our boys have assembled many items like decorative bulb series, wall clocks and working models of water level indicators, fire alarms, musical siren, emergency light, slide projector, mental detector. The boys, during their club classes also prepared many other very useful and attractive models which were displayed during the exhibition on the occasion of Old Boys Meet.

The basic aim of the club is to motivate the young minds and to support them to create something new. All the activities in the club are primarily based upon the concept of ‘learning by doing’. The club activities are conducted on every Wednesday for an hour practical. The boys in the club are also given training to handle school PA system and to operate projectors, sound mixing system, recording of events and other related work. We are highly optimistic that in the years to come, the club will progress and will provide more opportunity for developing and widening the interest of the students in the fields of electronics.

Art Club:

Art has always been one of the most effective modes of expression for time immemorial. It is one of the best sources of spending excess energy in a useful and productive manner. The mind and thoughts of an individual can be understood and the nature of the individual can be guessed quite accurately.

Art is the creative instinct of an individual that can speak without words. No language is a barrier and more importantly, no language is actually needed to understand art. The work of an artist can be understood without any interpretation.

Artists are god-gifted, they never sit idle, and their creative mind is always at work. They can see things with an unimaginable depth and creativity. They can make best out of the waste. The live example of this is that of Nekchand, who created the Rock Garden in Chandigarh. This has inspired the art and craft teachers in the schools to teach the students with a creative mind to find the best way to make gifts and cards for various occasions without actually spending money. They look for the things around them and prepare wonderful, attractive gifts at no cost. This also helps them to get involved in useful activities rather than spend time on watching movies that depict violence and deceit or play the video games that make them more aggressive than lovable and acceptable.

In our School too Art Club is one of the most active clubs; its members are busy throughout the session decorating the places where important Inter-House as well as annual activities is held as per the School calendar. Not only this, they participate in as many competitions as possible in Karnal as well as outside. This year a number of students participated in various competitions and did proud to the institution.

The members of this club prepared a number of paintings, greeting cards, glass paintings, ceramic tile paintings for sale on the occasion of Old Boys’ Meet. Their work is appreciated by one and all. Forwarding Drawing and Painting as a hobby is a great stress buster. A few of the works can best be understood only when the on looker too has a creative bend of mind. We sincerely hope that in our school to the talented and budding artists find a vent to their creative instincts.

Mathematics Club:

Mathematics is a unique subject that is used in day to day activities and continues to remain an integral part of our lives. The Mathematics club was created to sensitize children about this subject and the latest developments taking place in the field of Modern Mathematics. It tries to inculcate deep interest in the children and makes them have a systematic approach towards this subject. The club aims to develop mechanical skills and application of the subject in everyday life. After all every child should enjoy the subject rather than doing it forcefully. This is what the club tries to achieve and make Maths Fun for everyone.

The Club has organized several Competitions, Seminars and Mind boggling quizzes. Every year the School organizes a Mathematics Exam at the State and National Level. All this helps the students to reach the depth of the subject and increases their scale of mathematics ability along with higher levels of interest and enjoyment.

The club has also introduced Vedic Mathematics in their activities just to sharpen the minds of children so that they are able solve problems quickly in practical life.

Adventure Club:

In order to inculcate the spirit of adventure, leadership qualities and foster the spirit of initiative and victorious attitude, every year the school organizes mountaineering expedition to various virgin peaks in Pir Panjal Range of Leh & Manali region. Till date, the school has successfully undertaken 14 Mountaineering Expeditions and 4 Adventure Camps under the able guidance of its ace mountaineer Shri J S Gulia.

Horse Riding Club:

The riding lesson at our Horse Riding Club is taught by qualified riding instructors, with years of professional experience. The horses and ponies are selected to match with wide range of student's riding skills to ensure that our student(s) will have the right horses and ponies while they are riding lesson here. They will have a chance to learn how to ride properly, for example, how to sit on the saddle, how to steer, stop, walk, trot even cater, jump, obstacle, also for grooming and tackling of horses etc.

Recently, a new horse riding school has come up adjacent to the boundary of SSK.

Alchemy Club:

Alchemists, the scientists who used to study conversion of non – precious metals like iron into precious gold in ancient times, have emerged as young scientists of modern era in Alchemy club of Sainik School Kunjpura, They have been curious and enthusiastic like before in conducting new experiments and concluding something useful out of them. These experiments not only give them joy but also prepare them to face the future life with great confidence. ‘Learning by doing’ is the best form of interaction of an individual in this vast world where there is still a lot to experiment with and to know about. Students this year got new experience of making coloured candles. Students also prepared nail – polish remover and ‘Kunjsiho’ which is used for cleaning silver articles.

Craft Club:

Craft Club is all about championing Craft in Schools, Galleries, Libraries and Community Centres.

Craft club is one of the finest hobby clubs in our school, It is an art which makes a simple piece of wood look stylish and useful. There are thirty cadets in this club. This club gives them adequate knowledge about wood craft. They learn many things in this club. They take keen interest in making small wooden gadgets. They learn how to cut wood, hot to make furniture smooth, how to make tables, chairs, stools etc. They also learn how to repair broken desks, benches, chairs and tables. This club is fully equipped with latest modern tools instruments. Cadets also learn cutting of glass making frames and window panes. They are really thrilled with joy while working in the club. This club provides them with vocational training.
The club activities are conducted on every Wednesday for one hour. This precious hor certainly helps the cadets to learn many more things about craft. The cadets develop skill of doing things practically through this club. They make items such as round tables, small chairs, shoe racks, towel stands, book racks etc. During this session, all these things were sold to the ex-students of the school on the eve of the Old Boys meet. The wonderful job done by the cadets of the club was highly appreciated by the Old Boys. Hence this club has a unique significance in the school.

Gymnastics Club:

We are committed to teaching gymnastics to all levels and abilities in a safe and fun environment. We want all our gymnasts to leave their classes with a big smile on their face and a sense of achievement.

We aim to make everyone's experience in Gymnastics a positive and memorable one. We continue to keep our standards of coaching high and seek to find new and exciting ways to teach Gymnastics.

Karate Club:

We are a traditional karate club. We are a forward thinking club and focus on practical applied karate.

From White belt to Black belt, the program at Sainik School Kunjpura has been tailored by the experienced coaching staff to ensure that each and every beginner to the club is taken through a modular training program that offers everyone the possibility of achieving the prestigious black belt, from a club where earning a black belt means something.

ATL Lab:

NITI-Aayog, Government of India took initiative of setting up the ATAL Tinkering Labs, where students can work together on innovation projects. It is a flagship innovation promotion program for encouraging ideas of innovation and entrepreneurship among the students.

The objective of setting ATL in the school is to foster curiosity, creativity and imagination in young minds; and inculcate skills such as design mindset, computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing etc.

ATL is a work space where young minds can give shape to their ideas through hands-on do-it-yourself mode; and learn innovation skills. This will help us to promote a culture of innovation and out-of-the-box thinking among the young and budding entrepreneurs. Young children will get a chance to work with tools and equipment to understand the concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Atal Tinkering Lab with the objective of instilling curiosity and encouraging innovativeness among students was inaugurated by Maj Gen KS NIjjar, COS HQ 2 Corps & Chairman, LBA on his maiden visit to the School on 19th April 2018. Niti Ayog has selected only two Sainik Schools for establishing the ATLs viz, Sainik School Kunjpura and Sainik School Bijapur. An ambitious project to harness the power of tinkering amongst children, the lab is designed with a modernistic approach and equipped with cutting edge facilities like multiple tools, sensors, microcontroller boards, motors, 3D projector and equipment to understand stem concepts.

The Ergonomically designed lab have flexible work stations with specific discussion areas for learning sessions and audio visual sessions, easy to focus lights for better working.