The school Magazine titled “Grey Kunj” is annually published by the School. It includes creative articles contributed by the Cadets and the School Staff. It is an effective way of inculcating the core values of ‘creating the suitable / appropriate ambience for learning’. It helps in shaping the young impressionable minds into highly creative, disciplined and responsible citizens of a country that has the greatest youth force, a fact the world approves of. The School Magazine also provides a platform to the supple minds an outlet to showcase their literary, creativity and editorial skills. The annual edition of school magazine reflects the school activities planned during an academic session, the achievements of the students in the pictorial as well as literary form. The School Magazine is an open window which gives us an insight into the young inquisitive minds in different shades and colours with open minds. The vibrant strings of creativity are pulled to create beautiful compositions powered by enthusiasm, purpose and excellence. It is a rich source to exploit the empowered minds full of innocence, ingenuity and candor. It is the most effective tool to enhance mutual learning and evolution of a multifarious personality. The raw potential is transformed into the finished gloss. The magazine expresses the combined consciousness of the School.

Download SSK Magazine 2016-2017